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More reps selling your funds means growing assets under management. Get your current reps selling more too!


Asset managers need a client education strategy. Our Learning Centers deliver a turnkey solution.


Financial advisors use your sponsored content to get more business and save time educating clients.


We marshal the content through the necessary compliance process saving time and money.


Our content distribution system makes it easy for asset managers to distribute their own content or just use ours.


Your existing sales force can use our free learning centers to build their business with your sponsored content.

How It Works

  1. Funds sponsor educational content at financial advisors’ learning centers
  2. Financial advisors distribute and post content to attract new customers and engage current customers
  3. New and current financial advisors use content to educate customers
  4. Funds engage financial advisors and clients with sponsored learning tools that save time and money
  5. New financial advisors begin selling participating funds’ products
  6. Participating funds’ existing financial advisors sell more product
  7. Fund manager and financial advisors assets under management grow
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What’s A Sponsored Learning Center?

A sponsored learning center is a financial advisor mini-website that contains educational content. Each piece of content is called a “learning object” and is sponsored by an asset manager.

A learning object can be text (a blog post or pdf file), a video, an audio file, an interactive tool, or other file types.

Learners typically visit a learning center because a financial advisor has posted a learning object from their learning center on social media or has shared the content directly with an interested person.

The content links back to the financial advisor’s website.

Financial advisors also use their learning center to more effectively educate their clients and prospective clients.

PWC says that asset managers should be providing educational tools for customers.

Asset managers benefit:

Add productive reps to your network

Financial advisors and wealth managers love these tools. Reps see your fund brand and learn what you can do.

Keep productive reps in your network

Your existing reps will appreciate your support in furnishing educational content that saves them time.

Easily measure your digital ROI

Easily measure return on this digital ad spend and avoid fraudulent clicks

Reps benefit:

Eliminate costly content production

We take care of the content production for you.  Use our expert education content to attract and educate customers.

Posts and shares that link back to you

Stop sending your prospects to other sites.  Get your prospects clicking onto your site and engaging with you.

Save time educating your clients

Use asset managers' sponsored educational content to save time bringing clients up to speed.

And we move the content through the compliance process, so you don't have to!

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* We refer to the famous comment by John Wanamaker (1838-1922), department-store magnate and marketing pioneer, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.”